Deli vs Restaurant

  • Deli vs Restaurant

    The Deli vs The Restaurant

    Delis and restaurants are both popular establishments, regularly frequented by many people. They both offer foods and drinks but are somewhat different. They are not the same, but both are pretty good places where you can eat well, socialize and have fun. Here we will present you with key characteristics and differences between a deli and a restaurant.

    Main Differences between Deli and Restaurant

                A deli is short from delicatessen and is a combination of a restaurant and a grocery store. In delis you will find a fresher and broader menu from typical fast-food joints. Delis rarely have fryers and usually sandwiches are prepared right on the spot. Many delis offer hot foods as well as party trays with finger-foods. Green salads are also commonly found in delis and there is also selection of tuna sandwiches, ham sandwiches, pastas, salads, shrimps and other things. Delis come in different sizes, but in general they are smaller than standard grocery stores. Delis can also function as sit-down restaurants or take-out spots.

                Besides foods, delis also offer variety of beverages such as coffee, tea, soft-drinks, milkshakes and others. Some delis also have candies, mints and chips on offer as well. Menus depend on the type of deli in question as you can find dozens of different delis based on ethnic origins. Some delis offer specific meats such as salami, pastrami or corned beef, while others focus on turkey, chicken or ham.

                As you can see, delis are a bit different than typical restaurants in terms of how they look and what they offer. Restaurants, on the other hand, are typical sit-down establishments where you can enjoy cooked meals. Restaurants are bigger than delis and come in all shapes, sizes and cuisines. Today there are all kinds of restaurants out there. You can go in a general restaurant that serves standard foods or you can find and go to a thematic restaurant that serves Asian, European, American, BBQ, Seafood, Italian, Mexican, Japanese and any other type of cuisine.

                Restaurants are fancier than delis and offer more formal atmosphere, but that is not a general rule. Most restaurants have many waiters that serve customers wide variety of foods and beverages. Usually they offer fine selection of wines, beers and International beverages, in addition to coffee, tea, mineral water and soft drinks.

                Whether you go in a deli or in a restaurant for a meal it totally depends on you. Some people prefer delis, while others like to sit down and eat in a restaurant. No matter where you go, you will certainly have good food, depending on what you prefer at the moment. You can go in both places and check out the differences yourself. Important thing is that delis and restaurants are both good spots for enjoying a meal, nice conversation with someone, or just having a drink. This was general information about both establishments which hopefully will make your choice easier when it comes to where to go and what to eat.