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Deli King of Linden
Deli King of Linden
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  Jewish Calendar
Tu B'Shevat
Falls on Shabbat
  January 30
Ta'anit Esther
Work permitted
  February 25
Work should be avoided.
Consult a Rabbi if this is not possible.
  Nightfall of February 27 through nightfall of February 28
Shushan Purim
Work permitted
  March 1
No work permitted on March 30-31 and April 5-6. Work is permitted only on April 1-2 and 4 with certain restrictions.
  Sunset of March 29 through nightfall of April 6
Second Passover
Work Permitted
  April 28
Lag B'Omer
Work Permitted
  May 2
No work is permitted
  Sunset of May 18 through nightfall of May 20
Fast of the 17th of Tammuz
Work Permitted
  June 29
Fast of Tish'a B'Av
Work should be avoided. Consult a Rabbi if this is not possible.
  Sunset of July 19 through nightfall of July 20
Rosh Hashanah
No work is permitted.
  Sunset of September 8 through nightfall of September 10
Fast of Gedaliah
Work permitted
  September 12
Yom Kippur
No work is permitted.
  Sunset of September 17 through nightfall of September 18
No work permitted on Sep. 23-25. Work is permitted on Sept. 26-29 with certain restrictions.
  Sunset of September 22 through sunset of September 29
Hoshanah Rabbah
Work permitted with certain restrictions.
  September 29
Shemini Atzeret
No work is permitted.
  Sunset of September 29 through nightfall of September 30
Simchat Torah
No work is permitted.
  Nightfall of September 30 through nightfall of October 1
Work permitted, except Shabbat
  Sunset of December 1 through December 9
Fast of Tevet 10
Work Permitted
  December 17

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